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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?

How to remove blackheads? Which products should you choose to make them disappear without overly irritating the skin? Discover the key steps for clear, blackhead-free skin.

Blackheads are the scourge of many skin types, primarily combination to oily skin. Unsightly and often very difficult to remove without the right products, they can sometimes become the focus of a justified quest to eliminate them, bordering on obsession. But how do you remove blackheads? Which products should you choose to make them disappear without overly irritating the skin? Discover the key steps for clear, blackhead-free skin.

What is a blackhead?

A blackhead or open comedone forms when the pore finds itself blocked by an accumulation of sebum. The pore turns black in colour after it has been exposed to the air, this is what is known as the oxidative process. Generally present on the nose, we can also find them all over the T-zone (nose – forehead – chin) and in all skin types, primarily combination to oily skin.

Cleanse your skin religiously every day

The first key step in fighting blackheads: make-up removal and daily cleansing, twice a day, morning and evening. This essential step allows you to remove impurities that have accumulated during the day or night, unclog pores and prevent them from becoming blocked.

Do you like oil-based make-up removal? No problem: using cleansing oil is not forbidden for combination to oily skin or skin suffering from blackheads. Oil is water-soluble and, once rinsed off, does not block pores. 

A dedicated topical product: PAYOT Expert Points Noirs

To make blackheads – which ruin the lives of those with combination to oily skin and blocked pores – disappear, PAYOT has created an emergency product that deep cleanses and rids the skin of its impurities: Expert Points Noirs. How does it work? Its unique formula acts on blackheads in three stages: it purifies the skin deep down, unclogs and refines pores without blocking them (non-comedogenic).

At the heart of its formula, we find mint extract from Chile, which regulates seborrhoea and prevents inflammation responsible for skin blemishes from appearing. Zinc extract limits sebaceous secretion and regulates sebum quality. An ingredient often found in all products designed for blemish-prone skin, it should be chosen to purify your epidermis.

Another star ingredient in this blackhead treatment: glycolic acid, which delivers an in-depth peeling action.

Finally, rose fruit extract with an astringent action regulates the skin’s keratinisation process, reduces the unsightly appearance of enlarged pores, and smoothes and refines skin texture.

AHAs or glycolic acid have a deep-cleansing action that allows you to effectively fight blackheads. Their extremely powerful action refines and sensitises the skin, which temporarily becomes more receptive to UV rays. It reddens more quickly and easily and the risk of sunburn increases. After using skincare formulated with AHAs, you must then apply sun protection before going out in the sun. 

Choose products really tailored to your skin

Targeting blackheads also involves giving your skin the skincare it needs, the products that suit it best. For skin that tends to produce too much sebum, adopt a beauty routine dedicated to combination to oily skin and avoid overly rich products. Choose lightweight, fluid, gel or emulsion, and above all non-comedogenic textures. 

Treat yourself to a beauty salon treatment

Our final piece of advice for blackhead-free skin? Give yourself a deep-cleansing facial including a blackhead extraction performed by a professional in the beauty salon, PAYOT Puri Solution facial, for example. 

Remove your blackheads at home

If you can’t resist the urge to remove your blackheads yourself, don’t forget to wash your hands and cleanse your skin. Exfoliate first of all and use a tissue to extract blackheads and prevent scars. Then apply a zinc-rich lotion to purify deep down. The ideal product? PAYOT Eau Micellaire Purifiante. Finish by applying PAYOT Expert Points Noirs skincare.